A Particulate Matter and NO× Capture


A network of Catecairs™ 120 can depollute the breathable air in a city at a rate of 150 m3/h x 24/24, or 3'600m3 every day.

3'600m3 depolluted corresponds to the breathing of 250 people every day, per vehicle.

For a city of 2,000,000 inhabitants, a network of 20,000 Catecairs™ provides a volume of depolluted air for 4,800,000 people. every day.

The investment would be in the order of €40,000,000. amortized over 5 years, i.e. €8,000,000 per year or €20,000 per day. Network maintenance (changing filters twice a year) would cost €14,000,000 per year, or around €40,000 per day.

This means a maximum total cost of €60,000 per day, while the cost of illnesses resulting from air pollution is estimated in Europe at €1,000 per person per year, or more than €5,000,000 per day for 2,000,000 people.

Any politician in charge of a commune, canton, department, town or state, concerned with the public interest, should be interested in protecting citizens and nature by fighting global warming and saving millions every day.



Catecair™ : 600 x 200 x 1200mm

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