Catecair™ Products

Catecair ™ products from Catecar Industries are equipped with ISO 16890 certified filters produced under the Catecair ™ brand. These filters are ePM1 ≥ 80%, which protects both from nanoparticles, viruses and exhaust gases. At the same time, an ePM1 filter captures 95% of PM10 and 85% PM 2.5.

Retaining ≥ 80% of PM1 means, in Europe, breathing a clean air better than the WHO standard which sets the limit at 10 µg / m3. In fact, the average PM2.5 in Europe varies between 20 and 40µg / m3, an average reduced between 4 and 8 µg / m3 thanks to Catecair ™ 101.

The advantage of the Catecair ™ product concept is that it allows coordinated pollution control of breathable air. Breathing air is the volume of air between 0 and 3 meters in height.

1. Catecair ™ 101 creates an airflow that produces a real protective air curtain in front of the wearer's face. The quality of this air is superior to WHO air.

2. The combination of Catecair ™ 101, 40 and 70 guarantees any business or administration manager, including schools, effective protection and no longer having to confine all or part of the staff when appear one or a few cases of COVID-19: the Catecair ™ 101 numerical simulations show a 100% protection.

Of course the rules of hand hygiene and distancing must be observed.

3. Smartcitair ™ on the other hand has the effect of cleaning up the breathable air in city streets. It is a network of fixed (street furniture) and mobile (cars) depolluting robots: the Catecairs ™ 120.

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Catecair™ 101

 to breathe better than before the pandemic

Any person


170 x 50 x 100mm 

Catecair™ 40

Depollution of public toilets (25% of contamination)

Any owner or tenant of building having toilets used by more than one person


400 x 200 x 400mm

Catecair™ 70

For any closed  space till 100m2


Any owner or tenant of space used by more than one person


400 x 200 x 700mm

Catecair™ 101 + 40 + 70

To be protected and to avoid confinement


Any business or administration or school executive


Smartcitair™ 150 to 300m3/hour x 24/24 x XXX Catecairs.

A network of Catecairs™ 120 to depollute the breathable air in cities


Any political officer of a commune, canton, department, city, state

Image Image

600 x 200 x 1200mm